3 More Kinds of Homes Cash Home Buying Companies Purchase

Some homes sell impressively fast. It seems like they’re gone practically as soon as they hit the market. That isn’t the case for every home though. Some are tough sells. The good news is that even tough homes can be sold. Cash home buying companies often look for homes that sellers are struggling to find … Continued

When Do You Have to Pay Commissions When Selling a Home?

There are a fair number of costs associated with selling a house. Yes, that’s right–buyers aren’t the only ones spending money on real estate transactions. They just spend more of it. Sellers are usually on the hook for paying commissions. Commissions are how real estate agents get paid for all the work they do. But … Continued

What Buyers Require Home Repairs Before You Sell?

It’s common for sellers to spend a lot of time and money getting their homes renovated and repaired in hopes of increasing property values and getting higher offers. When done right, it works pretty well. But do you always have to repair your home before you try to sell it? What do the buyers think? … Continued

Cash Buyers

Why Can Cash Buyers Close Faster?

Have you ever wondered what sets cash buyers apart from traditional buyers? It may seem obvious at first–cash buyers pay in cash (technically through an electronic wire), while traditional buyers pay using money they obtained from a lender. That’s not the only thing that sets cash buyers apart though. They also close much faster than … Continued

Do Cash Buyers Offer Any Special Value to Sellers?

If you’ve ever tried selling a house before, you know that not all buyers are equal. Some offer a lot more value than others. Even among the buyers that offer high value, the value they offer isn’t always the same. Cash buyers in particular offer special value that sets them apart from traditional buyers. Fewer … Continued

Cash Buying Process

How Does the Cash Buying Process Work?

So you’re considering selling your house to a cash buyer. If you’ve never done it before, it’s only normal to wonder how it might differ from selling to a traditional buyer. If you look at a general outline of the process, it doesn’t look any different. There are some details within the outline that set … Continued

Factors That Make Selling for Cash Worth It

If you’ve ever heard of cash buyers before, but never sold your house to one, you may wonder why people choose to sell to them. After all, aside from differences in offers made on your house, isn’t a buyer a buyer? As it turns out, that’s not quite true. Cash buyers have some other things … Continued

Cash Buyer

How Long Should You Expect a Cash Buyer to Take to Close?

What part of selling your house should you expect to take the longest and how long should it take? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t very straightforward–a lot of it depends on how your local real estate market is performing. For some sellers, closing the deal on their house takes longer than any other part–as much as … Continued

What Makes Cash Buyers Attractive to Sellers?

Have you ever heard of someone paying for a house with cash? These buyers are known as cash buyers. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of cash buyers before–they aren’t as common as traditional buyers. Despite being outside the norm, they are still an attractive option for many sellers. Faster Closing Did you know that … Continued

Cash Buying Company

Cash Buying Company Red Flags to Watch Out For

Every industry has its bad actors that give legitimate businesses and individuals a bad name. The real estate industry is no different. Not all buyers are legitimate, an unfortunate fact that extends to cash home buying companies. You can’t afford to be taken in by a disreputable company, so what are some red flags to … Continued

The Value of Selling to a Cash Buyer

How much thought do you give to who you’re selling your home to? Some sellers are more concerned about getting the biggest offer or even simply getting as many offers as possible than who those offers are coming from. That might be a mistake though. There is some real value in selling your house to … Continued

How to Sell Your House to a Cash Buyer

When you need to sell your house, who you sell your house to makes a huge difference in the sort of experience you have. Many sellers sell their homes to traditional buyers who use a mortgage loan to pay for the house. What if you want to sell your house to a cash buyer though? … Continued