How Long Should You Expect a Cash Buyer to Take to Close?

What part of selling your house should you expect to take the longest and how long should it take? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t very straightforward–a lot of it depends on how your local real estate market is performing. For some sellers, closing the deal on their house takes longer than any other part–as much as 30-60 days, if not more. That’s what you should expect when selling to a traditional buyer. What about if you’re selling to a cash buyer?

Over 2 Weeks

Most buyers take a fair amount of time to close on a home. There are plenty of steps involved, from scheduling appraisals and inspections (and them being completed) to the extensive paperwork that goes into buying or selling a home. Things don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes there are hiccups with the paperwork. Appraisers and inspectors may have a heavy workload and may not be able to get to your house very quickly. In such cases, cash buyers may still take far less time than traditional buyers to close on a home, but they may need more than two weeks to do it.

About 2 Weeks

If things go smoothly and you’re working with a cash buyer who knows their way around the home buying process, you can expect the closing process to take about 2 weeks. The lack of lender involvement means that significant time can be shaved off the closing process. Think about it–there is no need for buyer credit checks, and the appraisals and inspections so often required by the lender may be waived at the discretion of the cash buyer. There’s less paperwork needed too, which also saves time.

Less than 2 Weeks

Some cash buyers are uniquely positioned to close quickly on homes. Cash home buying companies like WNY Home Buyers are some of the fastest closers out there. This is largely thanks to their experience and real estate expertise, in addition to the absence of a lender and skipping appraisals and inspections done by home inspection professionals. While everyone’s situation is different, and different closing timelines work best for different people, WNY Home Buyers has closed on homes in as little as 7 days before! It doesn’t get much faster than that.

Sometimes closing can be the part of selling your home that takes the longest. It doesn’t have to take a month or more though. When you sell to a cash buyer like WNY Home Buyers, closing your house happens fast. It may still be the part that takes the longest, but when compared to closing with a traditional buyer, it’s clear that it’s the best option for saving time when selling your home.

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