Is It Possible to Sell Your House in Poor Condition in New York?

Are you ready to sell your house, but worried because it’s in rough shape? No need to worry, we’re here to help.

A basic online search will give you all sorts of information about selling a house in good condition: give it a good clean, touch up the paint on the walls, stage some of the rooms, and voila. You’re good to go. But this isn’t the case for homes that need a little extra TLC. If your home is a little worse for the wear, here’s everything you need to know about selling a house in poor condition in New York.

Define “Poor Condition”

When you hear “house in poor condition” you might think of a home that’s totally uninhabitable. Others may picture something cluttered and dirty, but livable. The first step to deciding how to sell your home is being honest about what kind of shape it’s really in. It might fit into one of these categories:

  • Needs updating – Houses like this haven’t been well cared for, but are still in fair condition. The kitchen and bathrooms are probably outdated, there might be major stains on the floors, broken or outdated light fixtures, and peeling paint on the interior or exterior.
  • More Serious Repairs Needed – The next level of poor condition homes includes those that are livable but that need more major repairs like replacing the HVAC system, reworking the plumbing or electrical, and replacing flooring or drywall. They might also have foundation issues and other structural problems.
  • Completely Uninhabitable – Homes with severe damage to the roof, termite infestations, black mold, and asbestos, are completely uninhabitable. These structures need the most work and will be the most difficult to sell. They might have major problems with the foundation, damage to the chimney, and other problems that make it unsafe to live in.

Make Repairs or Sell Your House As-Is

Once you’ve determined what kind of shape your house is in, your next step is to decide how you are going to sell your house. You can choose to make the needed repairs and get your house in tip-top shape, and then sell just like a typical house would. This involves listing with a real estate agent, going through house showings and open houses, and waiting for an offer to roll in. The benefit to this type of a sell is that you’ll get more money for your house. The downside? You may not recoup the cost of the repairs, and repairs take time so it might be a while before you’re even able to list your house for sale.

Another option is to sell the house as-is, which means that you make no repairs and simply list your house in its current condition. Your listing will state “as-is condition” so buyers will know when they come to see it that they would be taking on all of the needed repairs. This method leaves you with less money for your house, but it’s great if you need to move quickly and don’t have the time, money, or motivation to fix things up.

WNY Home Buyers is Here

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