What Are Some of the Biggest Issues with Not Selling Direct-to-Buyer?

When you think of selling a home, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, it probably involves hiring a real estate agent to work with a buyer’s agent to negotiate the details of the sale. While that’s pretty normal, it’s not without its challenges. There are some significant issues that people take for granted because they aren’t used to the idea of selling directly to the buyer.

Preparing the House for Sale

How much time and energy do you plan to put into getting your house ready to be sold? If you’re like most homeowners, it’s probably quite a lot. Homes usually take a lot of deep cleaning, and sometimes some repairs before they are considered to be in top selling form. Not everyone has the time and resources to deal with that though. You may be able to avoid some, or even all of that if you choose to sell directly to the buyer instead.

Finding a Buyer

Have you ever tried to sell a home only to wait and wait for a buyer to make an offer? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose the buyer yourself and move on? When you choose to sell direct-to-buyer, you have that option. Selling directly to a buyer usually means you’re working with a different sort of buyer. These buyers are often investors or home-buying businesses. They’re more than happy to be approached by sellers to see if a deal can be made.

Waiting and Uncertainty

Not all sellers have months and months to wait around, to say nothing of dealing with the uncertainty that comes with a traditional home sale. It’s common for traditional sales to experience all sorts of delays. There are often contingency clauses as well. These allow a buyer to back out at any given point, leaving you hanging. Selling direct-to-buyer may allow you to avoid both of those things. These sorts of buyers want to move quickly through the sales process and may not feel it necessary to have any sort of contingencies.

If you’ve never sold a house directly to the buyer, it’s perfectly normal to accept things the way they’ve always been. There is a better way though. Selling directly to the buyer allows you to skip the hassle of getting the house ready to sell (unless you want to), waiting on a buyer, and dealing with the uncertainty that comes with contingencies. If you want to sell your home and avoid all the issues that come with not selling directly to the buyer, consider selling your home to WNY Home Buyers instead.

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